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    Once an Eagle

    Poster of the movie Once an Eagle

    Once an Eagle

    TV Series     1976     War drama     USA

    Once An Eagle, the miniseries, is a story of epic proportions and spans both World Wars. It is told through the lives of two career soldiers: the brave and compassionate Sam Damon and the ambitious and ruthless Courtney Massengale. At the end of World War I, both men choose wives as different as themselves. For Damon, it is Tommy, the free-spirited daughter of a career army staff officer. In Emily, Massengale finds all the qualities he has dreamed of, namely, social connections and money. They also choose vastly different career paths. Damon remains an infantry commander, a leader of men. Massengale seeks only to control armies, and is oblivious to the men who comprise them. Friendly at first, at least on the surface, these two men inevitably face off in a life-and-death struggle that becomes a classic battle of good versus evil.




    Cliff Potts
    Darleen Carr
    Amy Irving
    Glenn Ford
    Sam Elliott
    Ralph Bellamy
    Lynda Day George
    Gary Grimes
    Kim Hunter
    Juliet Mills
    John Saxon
    James Shigeta
    William Windom
    Andrew Stevens
    Jane Merrow
    Melanie Griffith
    James Cromwell
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