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Windows on Monday


Original title: Montag kommen die Fenster (German).

2006. 1h28m. Drama directed by Ulrich Köhler.


A new city, a new house it could be a happy moment in a family's life. Nina, a doctor, has taken a few days of vacation. House-husband Frieder is lay ing tile. Their daughter Charlotte plays in her new room. But Nina feels alienated in the half-empty rooms and decides to drive away without letting her family know. She visits her brother in their parents' vacation home, moves aimlessly through a surreal mountain landscape, and finds herself with an aging tennis star in a sports hotel, a concrete UFO from another era. Nina's attempt to break out does not lead to an existential revolt, but to a fleeting encounter between two people who no longer feel at home in their worlds. Like a somnambulist, she returns, step by step, to her family.


Isabelle Menke
Hans-Jochen Wagner
Amber Bongard
Trystan Pütter
Elisa Seydel
Ilie Nastase
Ursula Renecke
Devid Striesow
Stefan Kriekhaus
Sülke Pierach


Windows on Monday photo
Windows on Monday photo
Windows on Monday photo
Windows on Monday photo

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