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    Toronto Stories

    Toronto Stories (2008)
    Run time1h29m
    Directed bySook-Yin Lee, David Sutherland
    Written bySook-Yin Lee, David Sutherland
    CompanyChristal FilmsChristal FilmsChristal Films


    The chaos and confusion of Pearson's arrivals lounge. Hundreds pass through its doors each day. A young boy steps off a plane not speaking a word of English. An immigrant. A refugee. Alone and without identification. Deposited in an antiseptic waiting room for hours until someone can figure out his story.

    But a child's curiosity gets the best of him, and when a door is left carlessley ajar he's gone. Another turn and he's swallowed up by a tour group going downtown. Hours pass before his absence is noticed. Then suddenly alerts are issued. TV news crews launch live remotes. Search teams fan out. A child has gone missing in the city.


    Gil Bellows
    Sook-Yin Lee
    Lisa Ray
    Joris Jarsky
    Shauna MacDonald
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    Photo from the movie Toronto Stories
    Photo from the movie Toronto Stories

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