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    The Falconer

    Poster of the movie The Falconer

    The Falconer

    1h 39min
    2021     Drama     USA

    Inspired by true events, THE FALCONER is about two best friends, Tariq, the Lebanese-born son of a poor beekeeper, and Cai, a privileged Westerner. The inseparable pair work together at a ramshackle zoo in Oman.

    Directed byAdam Sjöberg, Seanne Winslow
    Written byAdam Sjöberg, Seanne Winslow


    Rami Zahar
    Rupert Fennessy
    Noor Al-Huda
    Khamis Al-Rawahi
    Hilal Al-Jabri
    Fouad Al-Hinai
    Amjad Meer
    Raid Al-Amari
    Abu Jinah




    3 months ago

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