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    Italian poster of the movie Splendor


    1h 45min
    1989     Drama     Italy/France
    Original lang: Italian

    Splendor is the name of an old movie theater managed by Jordan (Mastroianni), who inherited it from his father. The theater is in decay and only generates debts and trouble, but Jordan gets aid in his almost quixotian quest from projectionist Luigi (Troisi) and ushurette Chantale (Vlady). However, Jordan is finally forced to sell the Splendor to businessman Lo Fazio (Piperno), which plans to transform it in some kind of furniture store. When Jordan leaves the theater for the last time (the very first scene), he recalls the glorious days of Splendor and movies in general.

    Directed byEttore Scola
    Written byEttore Scola


    Marcello Mastroianni
    Massimo Troisi
    Marina Vlady
    Vernon Dobtcheff
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