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    Song Without a Name

    Poster of the movie Song Without a Name

    Song Without a Name

    Canción sin nombre     1h 37min
    2019     Drama     Peru/Spain/USA
    Original lang: Spanish, Quechua

    Peru at the height of the 1980s political crisis. Georgina, a young Quechua villager, discovers her newborn has been stolen from the fly-by-night clinic where she gave birth. In the face of the callousness of a complicit system, her resolve to uncover the truth leads her to journalist Pedro Campos. The two embark on a perilous investigation that soon spirals into a vortex of Kafkaesque proportions.

    Directed byMelina León
    Written byMelina León, Michael J. White
    CompanyFilm MovementFilm MovementFilm Movement


    Pamela Mendoza
    Tommy Párraga
    Lucio Rojas
    Ruth Armas
    Maykol Hernandez

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