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    Poster of the movie Revolution


    TV Series     2013     Science-fiction     USA

    A severe, world-wide blackout has resulted in a post-Apocalyptic earth where people must learn to navigate without electricity. In fifteen years, the world has fallen into barely managed chaos, with wide swaths of the former U.S. and other countries divided into militia controlled areas. A young woman named Charlie sees her father die before her eyes and then sets out on a quest to recover her kidnapped brother Danny. She enlists the help of her uncle Miles, a talented but troubled man with a complicated past. She also discovers that both of her parents were somehow deeply involved in whatever went on prior to the blackout. Secret pendants with possible technology to reverse the blackout play a large role in unfolding events.



    Billy Burke
    Tracy Spiridakos
    Giancarlo Esposito
    Zak Orth
    Elizabeth Mitchell
    Mat Vairo
    Tim Guinee
    Colm Feore
    Kim Raver
    Nicole Ari Parker
    Zeljko Ivanek
    Adam Beach
    Richard T. Jones
    Nestor Serrano
    Mark Pellegrino
    C. Thomas Howell
    Matt Ross
    M.C. Gainey
    Brandon Molale
    Kate Burton
    Joaquim de Almeida
    Colin Ford
    Michael Bowen
    Glenn Morshower
    Rus Blackwell
    Katie Aselton
    Jaz Sinclair
    Patrick Heusinger
    Alanna Ubach
    Annie Wersching
    Elizabeth Tabish
    Paras Patel
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    Photo from the movie Revolution
    Photo from the movie Revolution
    Photo from the movie Revolution
    Photo from the movie Revolution
    Photo from the movie Revolution


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