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    Lou Andreas-Salomé

    Poster of the movie Lou Andreas-Salomé

    Lou Andreas-Salomé

    1h 53min
    2016     Romantic drama     Germany/Italy/Austria
    Original lang: German, Italian, Russian

    We meet Lou Andreas-Salomé at 72 years of age, as she recounts her life story to a young admirer. Born in St. Petersburg in 1861, she fell in love with philosophy as a girl and determined to live a life of the mind, escaping bourgeois constriction by never marrying or having children.

    Directed byCordula Kablitz-Post
    Written byCordula Kablitz-Post, Susanne Hertel


    Katharina Lorenz
    Alexander Scheer
    Peter Simonischek
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    Trailer (with Eng. subt.)

    4 years ago

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