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    Life's a Beach

    Poster of the movie Life's a Beach

    Life's a Beach

    53 minutes
    2014     Biography documentary     United Kingdom

    A documentary exploring what turned out to be Jerry 'Mungo' Francis final 19 months of life, as he took a stand against consumerist society, finding himself embroiled in legal battles with local government and Network Rail, after he set up home on a Folkestone beach. Mungo's home, built out of old pallets and recycled beach refuse, represented not only his philosophies of sustainability, but also the heart of the local community. 'Life's a Beach', follows Mungo's experiences there; his challenges and triumphs, all leading to his tragic death, which confirmed the man a local legend.

    Directed byJohn Baker
    Written byJohn Baker


    Grover Cleveland Alexander
    Adam Arkin
    Keith Carradine
    John Cusack
    Ossie Davis
    Amy Madigan
    Gregory Peck
    Aidan Quinn
    Jason Robards
    John Turturro
    Eli Wallach
    M. Emmet Walsh
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