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    I Forgot to Tell You

    I Forgot to Tell You

    J'ai oublié de te dire     1h 35min
    2009     Drama     France/Belgium/Spain
    Original lang: French

    A young girl, Marie is freed from prison and moves to France, in the hope of starting a new life. Although this new life begins with a menial job, working as a fruit-picker, Marie's new world soon begins to take shape. A major part of it is a handsome local mechanic Baptiste, who is more than willing to show Marie around town. And equally important is the grandfatherly figure of Jaume, who begins instructing Marie in the finer things in life - art, sculpture and cookery amongst them. As Marie and Jaume bond ever deeper, their friendship develops in a manner that is both heart warming and inspiring.

    Directed byLaurent Vinas-Raymond
    Written byLaurent Vinas-Raymond


    Omar Sharif
    Émilie Dequenne
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