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    George of the Jungle

    English poster of the movie George of the Jungle

    George of the Jungle

    1h 32min
    1997     Family comedy     USA
    Original lang: English, Spanish

    Deep in the heart of the African jungle, a baby named George (Brendan Fraser), the sole survivor of a plane crash, is raised by gorillas. George grows up to be a buff and lovable klutz who has a rain forest full of animal friends: Tookie, his big-beaked toucan messenger; Ape, a talking gorilla who's smarter than your average rocket scientist; and Shep, a gray-haired, peanut-loving pooch of an elephant. When poachers mess with George's pals, the King Of Swing swings into action. But before you can say, "Watch out for that tree," George comes face-to-bark with a few vine-covered obstacles. Contains tobacco depictions.

    Directed bySam Weisman
    Written byJay Ward, Dana Olsen, Audrey Wells
    CompanyBuena Vista PicturesBuena Vista PicturesBuena Vista Pictures


    Brendan Fraser
    Leslie Mann
    Thomas Haden Church
    Richard Roundtree
    Holland Taylor
    John Cleese
    Spencer Garrett
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