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    Gaz Bar Blues

    Poster of the movie Gaz Bar Blues
    Gaz Bar Blues (2003)
    Original lang.French
    Run time1h55m
    Directed byLouis Bélanger
    Written byLouis Bélanger
    CompanyAlliance VivafilmAlliance VivafilmAlliance Vivafilm
    2 reviews9.0


    Mr. Brochu, a.k.a "the Boss," runs his gas station as best he can, despite repeated thefts and hold-ups, competition from the self-serve stations in the neighbourhood, the onset of Parkinson's, and his strained relationship with his two eldest sons who want more out of life than running the Champlain gas station. Through the minor tragedies of the Boss's life we meet the locals who hang around, trade stories, share a good laugh or two...


    Serge Thériault
    Gilles Renaud
    Maxime Dumontier
    Fanny Mallette
    Claude Legault
    Réal Bossé
    Marc Beaupré
    Emmanuel Bilodeau
    Sandrine Bisson
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