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    Chez Upshaw

    Poster of the movie Chez Upshaw

    Chez Upshaw

    2012     Comedy-drama     USA

    When an unexpected guest shows up at the doorstep of Rita and Heaton Upshaw's dilapidated bed-and-breakfast, he gives them the business plan that turns their fortunes around: making their B and B the last stop for assisted suicides organized by the secretive Socrates Society. Rita (ILLEANA DOUGLAS) and Heaton (KEVIN POLLAK) pour their long-buried love for community theater into their work, granting their lodgers' last wishes and elevating their last nights into works of (almost) art. But the pressures of success expose cracks in the Upshaw's marriage. Heaton develops an infatuation with their sexy divorcee neighbor (MOLLY SIMS), and Rita wonders if she's sacrificed too many of her early dreams. Through the ups and downs of their new adventure, the Upshaws ultimately discover that life is, as the Socrates Society's motto states, All About The Love.

    Directed byBruce Mason
    Written byBruce Mason, Bonita Friedericy


    Kevin Pollak
    Illeana Douglas
    Shane Johnson
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