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    Belphégor: Le Fantôme du Louvre

    Poster of the movie Belphégor: Le Fantôme du Louvre

    Belphégor: Le Fantôme du Louvre

    1h 37min
    2001     Horror     France
    Original lang: French

    At the Louvre museum in Paris, the phantom Belphegor wakes up and causes electrical havoc. Night guards at the museum start dying and Lisa gets possessed. Martin tries to help the cute Lisa.

    Directed byJean-Paul Salomé
    Written byJean-Paul Salomé
    CompanyBac FilmsBac FilmsBac Films


    Sophie Marceau
    Michel Serrault
    Julie Christie
    Jean-François Balmer
    Lionel Abelanski
    Gaspard Ulliel
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