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    Aos Nossos Filhos

    Portuguese poster of the movie Aos Nossos Filhos

    Aos Nossos Filhos

    1h 47min
    2019     Drama     Brazil/Portugal
    Original lang: Portuguese

    Eva and Eva in paradise dream of having a child, while an HIV-positive boy reads Moby Dick at the bottom of an empty pool. Eva is Tânia, a young woman who is preparing for becoming a judge. And the other Eva is Vanessa, an executive at a large advertising agency. Vera, Tânia's mother, coordinates, between leaps and bounds, an NGO that takes care of HIV positive children. She was always a courageous and hardworking woman, an ardent defender of freedoms. But the fact that her daughter wants to be a mother through the pregnancy of her partner is something she cannot admit. Such an unthinkable situation arouses an avalanche of questions. And painful memories of her resitence fighter past begin to emerge. Despite their deep differences, these two women, mother and daughter, born in upper middle class, still believe in the virtues of dialogue and the achievements of democracy, while a militarized siege is closing in on them. Their story is an X-ray of the last months of an epoch, before the recent presidential election in Brazil.

    Directed byMaria de Medeiros
    Written byLaura Castro, Maria de Medeiros


    Marieta Severo
    Laura Castro
    Claudio Lins
    José de Abreu
    Marta Nobrega
    Andrei Cardoso
    Julia Bernat
    Karen Coelho
    Ricardo Pereira
    Aldri Anunciação
    Antonio Pitanga
    Jupy Azevedo
    Denize Crispim

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