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    Working Girls

    Poster of the movie Working Girls

    Working Girls

    1h 33min
    1986     Drama     USA

    The day-to-day life of the employees of a brothel. We are introduced to their clients, to their boss -- but above all to the routine: the repetition and the boredom.

    Directed byLizzie Borden
    Written byLizzie Borden, Sandra Kay


    Louise Smith
    Deborah Banks
    Liz Caldwell
    Marusia Zach
    Amanda Goodwin
    Boomer Tibbs
    Eli Hasson
    Tony Whiting
    Richard M. Davidson
    Ronald Willoughby
    Paul Slimak
    Fred Neumann
    Patience Pierce
    Ellen McElduff
    Grant Wheaton
    Richard Leacock
    Martin Haber
    Carla-Maria Sorey
    Michael Holland
    Dan Nutu
    Ron Manning
    Fred Baker
    Janne Peters
    Norbert Brown
    Helen Nicholas
    Chan Lee
    Roger Babb
    Benjamin Egbuna
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