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    1h 38min
    2007     Drama     Belgium/Netherlands
    Original lang: Dutch

    Konraad (Piet Kamerman) lives alone in his beautiful country home, accompanied only by the grief of his recently deceased wife. Most of Konraad's days are spend just lounging around and listening to music. His daughters and granddaughters have long since grown up and moved out on their own, and when they each receive a letter from their emotionally fragile patriarch stating that he simply wishes to die they all view it little more than yet another irritation in their already hectic lives. None of them harbor any great affection for the ailing Konraad, yet his sixty-something daughter Maria (Catherine ten Bruggencate) nevertheless determines to find her father a suitable apartment. Granddaughter Sabine (Tamar van den Dop) has married and started a family of her own, though the union is fast crumbling due to incessant arguing and verbal abuse. Eva (Karina Smulders) is Sabine's sister, an attractive and talented violinist who is consumed by ennui. Upon realizing that her sister and mother have received a letter and she has not, the lonely soul simply views her grandfather's perceived slight as but the latest in a long line of rejections.

    Directed byNanouk Leopold
    Written byNanouk Leopold


    Piet Kamerman
    Catherine ten Bruggencate
    Jan Decleir
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    Photo from the movie Wolfsbergen

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