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    Wall of Secrets

    Poster of the movie Wall of Secrets

    Wall of Secrets

    1h 45min
    2003     Thriller     Canada/USA

    Paige Emerson (Nicole Eggert, TV's "Baywatch"), a beautiful young housewife, moves to the city to join her architect husband Mark Emerson (Dean McDermott, TV's "Due South") who has started a new life for them. Mark's firm has leased a luxurious apartment in an exclusive neighborhood overlooking the park, and the Emerson's lifestyle seems to be perfect, until... Paige hears noises coming from the walls of the apartment. Dismissing them at first, her anxiety builds when the noises turn to voices. As the voices become more prominent, Paige begins to panic, convinced that someone is watching her. Learning that all of the previous tenants in her apartment have mysteriously died or disappeared, Paige's concern turns to fear. But with Mark's career consuming him, he dismisses Paige's claims, and their marriage begins to deteriorate. Obsessed with the presence she feels in the apartment, Paige's deepest fears become reality when a masked intruder attacks her in her home. After fighting her way free, Paige threatens to leave Mark if he does not agree to move. But when Paige discovers a mysterious wire hidden within one of the walls, she begins to realize that her apartment is not haunted, but occupied by a secret onlooker. But who? Tearing apart the walls, Paige is determined to confirm her sanity, save her marriage and reveal the truth that lurks behinds her walls.

    Directed byFrancois Gingras
    Written byRonnie Christensen


    Nicole Eggert
    Dean McDermott
    Stephen McHattie
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