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    Poster of the movie Vikings

    Vikings (2013)

    CountriesIreland, Canada
    Original lang.English, Latin, Danish
    GenreAction drama
    2 reviews6.5
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    Ragnar Lothbrok was the greatest, most valiant hero of his time, who embarked on a saga with his Viking brothers. He rose through the ashes of his forefathers to become a Viking King, reigning over the tribes as their fearless warrior and noble leader. Each episode details Ragnar's ventures to becoming a Norse legend -- one that was similar in virtue and faith to the mythical Gods of that age. While his lineage is unknown, rumors spun weaves of magic into his background, as followers often commented that he was the descendant of Odin -- the God of war and mighty fighters.


    Travis Fimmel
    Clive Standen
    Katheryn Winnick
    Linus Roache
    Donal Logue
    Gabriel Byrne
    Kevin Durand
    Jonathan Rhys Meyers
    Lothaire Bluteau
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