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    Poster of the movie Vibrations


    1h 44min
    1996     Musical drama     USA

    Rising rock star T.J. Cray (James Marshall AKA "James" from Twin Peaks) gets the shot of a lifetime -- an audition with an A&R man -- but on the big day, a carload of drunks follow and terrorize him, smash his car, and sever his hands with some heavy machinery. The clunky new hospital-issue fake hands do little to help T.J.'s despondent sorrow. Soon, he drops out of the business and becomes a homeless drunk, chugging whisky in a cardboard box, until one day when he wakes up to a pulsing beat in an abandoned warehouse where a "rave" party is in full swing. There, he meets Anamika (Christina Applegate), who introduces T.J. to a happening underground of Gen X slacker hackers and opens his ears to the incredible new sounds... OF 90s TECHNO MUSIC!

    Directed byMichael Paseornek
    Written byMichael Paseornek


    James Marshall
    Christina Applegate
    Paige Turco
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