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    1h 30min
    2014     Dramatic thriller     India/France
    Original lang: Hindi, English, Urdu

    Ayan (Emraan Hashmi) is a young, recently married salesman who gets a job peddling locally made drugs to pharmacies and doctors. Despite the fact that the Pakistani-manufactured pharmaceuticals he sells are much cheaper than those sold by Western competitors, no one will trust or buy products that lack major brand names. His wife encourages him to apply for a job with Lasta, a large multinational, and Ayan is hired on a trial basis. It's not long before his natural charm and knack for glad-handing make him into a minor star, and Lasta expands his responsibilities. However, one day he is devastated to see first-hand what the selling of baby formula really means in certain cases. Shocked, Ayan sets out to challenge the system and the powers that be.

    Directed byDanis Tanovic
    Written byAndy Paterson, Danis Tanovic


    Emraan Hashmi
    Danny Huston
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    Photo from the movie Tigers
    Photo from the movie Tigers

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