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    The Streets of San Francisco


    The Streets of San Francisco

    TV Series     1972     Action     USA

    A pair of plainclothes homicide detectives, Lt. Mike Stone and Inspector Steve Keller, cruise the streets of San Francisco solving a variety of crimes, usually involving murder. Stone is the street-smart 20-year veteran cop, and Keller is the college-educated rookie.




    Karl Malden
    Michael Douglas
    Richard Hatch
    Darleen Carr
    John Kerr
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Sam Elliott
    James Hong
    James Woods
    James Gammon
    Nick Nolte
    Leslie Nielsen
    Martin Sheen
    Joe Don Baker
    Ned Beatty
    Michael Lerner
    Carl Weathers
    Paul Sorvino
    Charles Martin Smith
    Clint Howard
    Doris Roberts
    Dean Stockwell
    John Ritter
    Dabney Coleman
    Marion Ross
    Shirley Knight
    Fionnula Flanagan
    Larry Hagman
    Maurice Evans
    Jack Albertson
    Vera Miles
    Barbara Rush
    Robert Foxworth
    Ed Lauter
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