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    The Raft

    Poster of the movie The Raft

    The Raft

    1h 37min
    2018     Documentary     Sweden/Denmark/USA
    Original lang: English, French, German

    Documentary recounts the baffling Acali Experiment of 1973, in which 11 perfect strangers drifted across the Atlantic on a cramped, motorless raft as part of a "scientific" study on the origins of violence and aggression. Conceived and conducted by radical Mexican anthropologist Santiago Genovés, the controversial social experiment tasked ten volunteers -- six women, four men, from diverse ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds -- to float from the Canary Islands to the Americas on a vessel designed for minimal privacy and maximal sexual temptation. Forty-five years later, Lindeen replicated the boat on a soundstage and invited the surviving participants to reflect on their 101-day stint aboard the "sex raft" (so-called by scandal-stoking tabloids) and their near-murderous relationship with Genovés, the reckless puppet master who took things dangerously too far.

    Directed byMarcus Lindeen
    Written byMarcus Lindeen


    Daniel Giménez Cacho
    Maria Björnstam
    Mary Gidley
    Rachida Lièvre
    Edna Reves
    Fe Seymour
    Eisuke Yamaki
    Servane Zanotti


    Photo from the movie The Raft
    Photo from the movie The Raft
    Photo from the movie The Raft

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