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    The Opposite Sex

    The Opposite Sex

    1h 47min
    1956     Romantic comedy     USA

    "I've waited a whole year to grow claws like these. Jungle Red!" One of film's greatest lines belongs to a wronged wife who wins back her man with the aid an aggressive shade of nail polish. First a hit play, then an all-star 1939 movie (and again in 2008), The Women resurfaces here as the musical The Opposite Sex, complete with an all-star cast, lines dipped in acid wit, big production numbers and fabulous '50s couture in scintillating CinemaScope. June Allyson portrays the betrayed woman. Joan Collins is the siren who steals her husband. And Dolores Gray, Ann Sheridan, Ann Miller, Agnes Moorhead, Charlotte Greenwood and Joan Blondell are assorted gal pals (true blue and envy green) who convince their demure friend to paint her claws -- then use them.

    Directed byDavid Miller
    Written byFay Kanin, Michael Kanin



    June Allyson
    Joan Collins
    Leslie Nielsen
    Jeff Richards
    Agnes Moorehead
    Joan Blondell
    Carolyn Jones
    Jim Backus
    Leslie Parrish
    Dean Jones
    Juanita Moore
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