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    The Last Ice

    Poster of the movie The Last Ice

    The Last Ice

    1h 23min
    2020     Documentary     USA
    Original lang: English, Inuktitut, Greenlandic

    For centuries, Inuit in the Arctic have lived on and around the frozen ocean. Now, as the sea ice between Canada and Greenland melts, the outside world sees unprecedented opportunity. Oil and gas deposits, faster shipping routes, tourism, and fishing all provide financial incentive to exploit the newly opened waters. But for more than 100,000 Inuit, an entire way of life is at stake. Development here threatens to upset the balance between their communities, land, and wildlife. Divided by aggressive colonization and decades of hardship, Inuit in Canada and Greenland are once again coming together, fighting to protect what will remain of their world. The question is, will the world listen?

    Directed byScott Ressler

    © Studio&Distr.

    English     Français
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