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    The Kid from Chaaba

    The Kid from Chaaba

    Le Gone du chaâba     1h 36min
    1998     Comedy     France
    Original lang: French

    Over 21 families have come here from Algeria to escape the civil war during the mid-60's. The real story, though, are the children who must now fight for an education and stability in this new country. Omar is one of the lucky ones: he enjoys school and will find assimilation easy. But his friend Hacene is less secure, and begins to side with those who accuse Omar of being a disgrace to his identity, of selling out and becoming French. Then comes the news that Chaaba is to be torn down.

    Directed byChristophe Ruggia
    Written byChristophe Ruggia, Azouz Begag


    Bouzid Negnoug
    Nabil Ghalem
    François Morel
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