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    The Jim Jefferies Show

    Poster of the movie The Jim Jefferies Show

    The Jim Jefferies Show

    TV Series     2017     Talk show     USA

    Australian comic Jim Jefferies brings his inquisitive, international and at-times controversial point of view to America full time in a weekly late-night series. In addition to his takes on cultural and political issues, Jefferies tackles the week's top stories from behind a talk show-style desk. He also travels to far-off locations to confront hypocrisy around the world. With interviews, international field pieces, and man-on-the-street investigations, Jefferies covers the most relevant current affairs, all through the lens of his distinctive brand of comedy.


    Jim Jefferies
    Brad Pitt
    Seth Rogen
    Malin Akerman
    Bob Saget
    Sarah Silverman
    Rob Reiner
    Carol Burnett
    Gabriel Iglesias
    DJ Qualls
    Ty Burrell
    Gary Busey
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