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    The Greatest American Hero

    Poster of the movie The Greatest American Hero

    The Greatest American Hero

    TV Series     1981     Sci-fi comedy     USA

    The school teacher Ralph Hinkley encounters aliens who leave him with a red power suit, turning him into a superhero. The trouble is that he lost the instruction manual and now has to learn by trial and error to control the powers of his suit. With the help of his girlfriend and an FBI agent, a most unlikely crime fighter gets tangled in one crazy adventure after another.



    William Katt
    Robert Culp
    Connie Sellecca
    Blake Clark
    William Windom
    James Hampton
    James Shigeta
    Keenan Wynn
    Jane Merrow
    Tony Burton
    David Paymer
    Ned Bellamy
    Danny Glover
    Joe Mantegna
    Bob Saget
    Tony Cox
    William Zabka
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