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    The Battle at Lake Changjin

    Mandarin poster of the movie The Battle at Lake Changjin

    The Battle at Lake Changjin

    Zhang jin hu     2h 56min
    2021     Action drama     China
    Original lang: Mandarin

    The story takes place in winter, 1950. In the freezing cold Changjin Lake region, a bloody battle between the United States and China begins. Faced with the harshest conditions of extreme cold, lack of rations and vast difference in weaponry, the Chinese troops forge ahead, fearless and determined. They successfully blow up the Shuimen Bridge, making the most critical victory in the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea.

    Directed byKaige Chen, Dante Lam, Hark Tsui, Jianxin Huang, Haiqiang Ning, Ju-Chun Park
    Written byJianxin Huang, Xiaolong Lan
    CompanyCMC PicturesCMC PicturesCMC Pictures


    Jing Wu
    Jackson Yee
    Yihong Duan
    Yawen Zhu
    Chen Li
    Kevin Lee
    Dongjun Han
    Jun Hu
    James Filbird
    Xuan Huang
    Hanyu Zhang
    Hao Ou
    Rovaif Babar
    Pierre Bourdaud
    Nathaniel Boyd
    John F. Cruz
    Diego Dati
    C.T. / Gao Mingyu Evans
    Thomas Fiquet
    Kei Gambit
    Darren Grosvenor
    Pavel Kravchenko
    John Edward Lopez
    Temur Mamisashvili
    Tom Markovic
    Vander McLeod
    Kyle Paul
    Pengyuan Shi
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