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Cinema Montreal

Swinging Couples


Original title: Échangistes (French).

2007. 1h18m. Drama directed by Simon Boisvert.


Three couples, who seem to have it all, are searching for the missing element in their lives. One night, Nick and Valerie decide to initiate their friends to the decadent world of a swingers club, where they have been secretly going to for years. At first, the guys are more enthused by the idea of swinging then their partners. But is it a good idea to swing with close friends? The film is a psychological examination of love, friendship, jealousy, self-indulgence, and morality.


Kina Beauchemin, Erwin Weche, Diana Lewis, Sylvain Latendresse, Natasha M. Leroux, Sébastien Boivin, Éric Violette

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