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    Splitting Image

    Poster of the movie Splitting Image

    Splitting Image

    1h 28min
    2017     Thriller     USA

    Having grown up an orphan and raised by her grandmother, Emma has worked for everything that she has. She's always wanted a perfect marriage, but ended up with a track record of failed relationships. When she strikes up a romance with the wealthy Ted, she's finally found her soul mate and is brought into his luxurious world. That world includes Ted's seductive twin brother Frank, whose affections for her go beyond family admiration. Frank, back in town and living in his family's old home, his long buried jealousy of everything his brother has, including Emma, comes to the surface. Suffering from blackouts and manic episodes, Frank becomes a danger for anyone to be around. Emma soon realizes that coming between the twin brothers is a dangerous game. Will she be their next victim?

    Directed byNick Everhart
    Written byNick Everhart, John Doolan
    CompanySynthetic ReleasingSynthetic ReleasingSynthetic Releasing


    Anna Hutchison
    Aaron Arnold
    Cheyenne Jackson
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