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    Red Corner

    Poster of the movie Red Corner

    Red Corner

    2h 2min
    1997     Dramatic thriller     USA
    Original lang: English, Mandarin

    Wealthy American businessman Jack Moore is working in China to put together a satellite communications deal as part of a joint venture with the Chinese government. Before the deal goes through, he has a one-night stand with the daughter of a powerful Chinese man. When Moore wakes up, she has been murdered, is framed for the killing, and the satellite contract is awarded to his competitor. Moore's court-appointed lawyer initially does not believe his pleas of innocence, but the pair gradually unearth further evidence that not only vindicates Moore, but also implicates powerful figures within the Chinese central government administration and exposes high levels of conspiracy and corruption.

    Directed byJon Avnet
    Written byRobert King


    Richard Gere
    Bai Ling
    Bradley Whitford
    James Hong
    Tzi Ma
    Ken Leung
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    English     Français
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