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    Pope Joan

    English poster of the movie Pope Joan
    Pope Joan (2009)
    CountriesGermany, United Kingdom, Italy
    Original lang.English, Latin
    Run time2h29m
    GenreRomantic drama
    Directed bySönke Wortmann
    Written byDonna Woolfolk Cross, Heinrich Hadding
    One review3.0


    Johanna (Johanna Wokalek) grows up in ninth-century Europe in Ingelheim am Rhein. The daughter of the dogmatic and doctrinaire village priest, she teaches herself to read and write in secret. When her extraordinary talent is discovered, she is allowed to attend the cathedral school in Dorstadt, where she falls in love with the knight Gerold. Following a bloody attack by Normans, Johanna disguises herself as a man and enters the monastery at Fulda. She learns the art of healing and is ordained. Her reputation as a healer takes her to Rome and she becomes the personal physician and confident of Pope Sergius (John Goodman). When the pope dies, she ascends the throne despite a brewing conspiracy. But the undiscovered "popess" has a dangerous weak point: she is pregnant by Gerold, her secret lover.


    Johanna Wokalek
    David Wenham
    John Goodman
    Iain Glen
    Anatole Taubman
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