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No Clue

Total score  7.0


2013. Comedy directed by Carl Bessai.


When a beautiful and mysterious woman bursts into Leo's Vancouver office and begs for his help in finding her missing brother, it's just another day in the life of a hard-boiled detective. The problem is, Leo's not a detective -- hard-boiled or otherwise. He sells novelty advertising across the hall from the detective, and the woman just opened his door by mistake. But knowing the detective is out of town for a few weeks and seeing that the beautiful woman really needs help, he agrees to see if he can track down her brother. How hard can it be? By the time Leo learns exactly how hard it can be, and realizes there may be more to this woman and this "missing brother" than he's being told, it's too late to get out. When you're in over your head, all you can do is keep kicking.


Brent ButtLeo Falloon
Amy SmartKyra
David KoechnerErnie
David CubittHorn
Chelah HorsdalAlice

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