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    Mr. North

    Poster of the movie Mr. North

    Mr. North

    1h 33min
    1988     Comedy-drama     USA

    A young man freshly graduated from Yale (Anthony Edwards) moves to Rhode Island and finds himself with a strange power: the ability to create mild electric shocks through his hands. He begins to make friends around the community, and tries to help those around him by healing several minor sicknesses.

    Directed byDanny Huston
    Written byThornton Wilder, Janet Roach, John Huston, James Costigan
    CompanySamuel GoldwynCineplex Odeon FilmsCineplex Odeon Films


    Anthony Edwards
    Robert Mitchum
    Lauren Bacall
    Harry Dean Stanton
    Anjelica Huston
    Virginia Madsen
    David Warner
    Katharine Houghton
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