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    Movin' On

    Poster of the movie Movin' On

    Movin' On

    TV Series     1974     Drama     USA

    Gear-grinding action hits the interstate on the road to adventure with Sonny (Claude Akins) and Will (Frank Converse) crossing the country in their infamous big-rig, delivering the goods and good fortune along the way.

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    Claude Akins
    Frank Converse
    Sheree North
    Jeff Conaway
    Marilyn Hassett
    Tina Louise
    Michael J. Pollard
    Fionnula Flanagan
    Anne Francis
    Diane Ladd
    Janet Leigh
    Strother Martin
    Patricia Neal
    Keenan Wynn
    Vera Miles
    Philip Michael Thomas
    Clint Howard
    Richard Jaeckel
    John Ritter
    John Qualen
    Aldo Ray
    Earl Billings
    Jack Kruschen
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