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    Modern Problems

    Poster of the movie Modern Problems

    Modern Problems

    1h 33min
    1981     Fantasy comedy     USA

    Max Fielder is having a terrible day. He hates his job, his girlfriend left him, and on his way home from work a dumptruck spills nuclear waste on him and his car. Max regains some optimism after he realizes the fallout from the radiation has given him magical, telekinetic powers! Using these powers, Max attempts to win back his girlfriend by thwarting the attempts of her suitors and exacting a little revenge on all of those poor souls who have annoyed him along the way.

    Directed byKen Shapiro
    Written byKen Shapiro, Tom Sherohman, Arthur Sellers
    Company20th Century Studios20th Century Studios20th Century Studios


    Chevy Chase
    Patti D'Arbanville
    Dabney Coleman
    Mary Kay Place
    Nell Carter
    Brian Doyle-Murray
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