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    Marshall's Miracle

    Poster of the movie Marshall's Miracle

    Marshall's Miracle

    1h 30min
    2014     Family     USA

    Marshall was found in 2010 while being filmed by Animal Planet's Confessions: Animal Hoarding. More than 60 dogs were found living on the grounds of an abandoned property. At the time of his rescue, Marshall was in the worst shape of all -- he had been attacked by other dogs (most likely over a lack of food), resulting in bite marks all over his body, a broken front leg, and a hole the size of a tennis ball on the side of his face. The Humane Society of Missouri immediately came to all of the dogs' rescue. Because Marshall was so badly injured, he could not be put up for adoption right away. During his surgery, Marshall died on the operating table but was resuscitated by Dr. Schwartz. The doctor and his medical team sewed up Marshall's face and amputated his badly infected front leg. After a few months, Marshall was ready to be adopted, and he went to his Forever Home with Cyndi Willenbrock. Now, Marshall knows he has a job to do -- and that job is to give back. Marshall and Cyndi have visited more than 250 schools to share his story of courage and the will to overcome abuse and neglect. Marshall has inspired a children's book, an educational curriculum, a Girl Scout patch, and now a feature film.

    Directed byJay Kanzler
    Written byScott Zakarin Jay Kanzler
    CompanyFabrication FilmsFabrication FilmsFabrication Films


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