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    Poster of the movie Marie
    Marie (1993)
    CountriesBelgium, Portugal
    Original lang.French
    Run time1h25m
    Directed byMarian Handwerker
    Written byMarian Handwerker, Luc Jabon, Pascal Lonhay, Catherine Verougstraete


    Marie, a modern-day teenager born in the late 70s, has grown-up without the restrictions of previous generations. She's reaching womanhood, a time for re-invention and redefinition of oneself. She's keeping company with a small-time crook who, like Marie, has been dealt a bad hand by life. Marie ends-up in Brussels where even more entrapments await her.


    Marie Gillain
    Alessandro Sigona
    Aurore Clément
    Sabrina Leurquin
    Stéphane Ferrara
    Jorge Sousa Costa
    Margarida Marinho
    Pedro Efe
    Adelaide João

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