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    Madeleine Collins

    Poster of the movie Madeleine Collins

    Madeleine Collins

    1h 42min
    2021     Dramatic thriller     France/Belgium/Switzerland
    Original lang: French

    Judith (Virginie Efira) is leading a busy double life: one in France and one in Switzerland. She has two lovers, Abdel (Quim Gutiérrez) with whom she has a little girl Ninon (Loïse Benguerel), and Melvil (Bruno Salomone), with whom she has two older boys. What seems like a delicate balancing act from Judith is a life built on lies, secrets, and a constant juggle between the same conversations without making any progress. With pressure mounting steadily on Judith from both her personal and professional life, she starts to crack under pressure and gets caught in a trap. With a decision needing to be made on which life she wants to choose, Judith decides to run away from it all, losing all control while the situation spirals out of control.

    Directed byAntoine Barraud
    Written byAntoine Barraud, Héléna Klotz
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    Virginie Efira
    Quim Gutiérrez
    Jacqueline Bisset
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    Trailer (with Eng. subt.)

    3 months ago


    Photo from the movie Madeleine Collins
    Photo from the movie Madeleine Collins
    Photo from the movie Madeleine Collins

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