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    Mad Dogs

    Portuguese poster of the movie Mad Dogs

    Mad Dogs

    1h 15min
    2016     Documentary     Brazil
    Original lang: Portuguese, English

    3 pioneer surfers from Brazil have risked their lives for years to pursue a dream of surfing Jaws, the world's largest and heaviest wave, in the purest way, paddling. Danilo, Marcio and Yuri moved to Hawaii in late 90s to surf the world's most famous waves. At around the same time, Laird Hamilton and some friends started using jet skis to surf the giant reef waves, farther from the shore, revealing to the world a place called Peahi, also known as Jaws. Jaw's show became a media circus attracting hundreds of surfers seeking fame, notoriety and money. Then, in 2006, the 3 Brazilians started a saga that lasted 5 years. They challenged Jaws year after year, with no life jackets, rescue teams, jet skis, or plan B, dropping waves that almost took their lives in several occasions. They came to be know as the Mad Dogs.

    Directed byRoberto Studart
    Written byRoberto Studart


    Kohl Christensen
    Danilo Couto
    Darrick Doerner
    Shane Dorian
    Marcio Freire
    Buzzy Kerbox
    Bruno Lemos
    Francisco Porcella
    Bill Sharp
    Yuri Soledade


    Photo from the movie Mad Dogs

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