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    Poster of the movie Machine


    1h 26min
    2019     Documentary     Australia/Germany/Ireland

    Infiltrating everything from transport to military to healthcare, artificial intelligence is no longer merely the realm of science fiction. In a world where machines are fast becoming smarter than people, what does our increasing reliance upon technology mean for our future? And who, if anyone, is controlling the rise of this new technology? With expert insights from engineers, inventors, entrepreneurs, neurosurgeons, philosophers, ethicists and more -- MACHINE is a thought-provoking and awe-inspiring new film that examines not only the practical applications of AI, but also the ethical questions raised by these new developments.

    Directed byJustin Krook
    Written byJames Maclurcan, Luke Mazzaferro
    CompanyGravitas VenturesGravitas VenturesGravitas Ventures


    Nick Bostrom
    Rodney Brooks
    Eugenia Kuyda
    Tim Urban
    Pindar Van Arman
    Toby Walsh




    6 weeks ago

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