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    Los Últimos cristeros

    Spanish poster of the movie Los Últimos cristeros

    Los Últimos cristeros

    1h 30min
    2011     Western     Mexico/Netherlands
    Original lang: Spanish

    The eternal battle between worldly rulers and believers resulted in the 1930s in Mexico in a bloody rebellion by the so-called Christeros. Meyer (Wadley, The Cramp) is convincing with his minimalist anti-Western, in which a last group of the faithful roams in an aimless journey by foot.

    Mexico, 1938. The very last warriors fight a rearguard action in the latter days of the Cristiada, the bloody war that lasted years between Roman Catholic rebels and the Mexican government, which wanted to reduce the power of the church with strict anticlerical laws. This small group of 'cristeros' are fighting for their religious freedom and holing up in the wild expanse of the Mexican landscape. Occasionally there is a shot; apart from that the war remains limited to just surviving with less and less under the merciless sun. The father of director Matias Meyer is a historian who published several books about the Cristiada, still a sensitive subject in Mexico. While a Hollywood film was also being made about this civil war, with leading roles for Andy Garcia and Eva Longoria, Meyer made the opposite of a Hollywood spectacle: performed by nonprofessional actors, The Last Christeros is an intimate, minimalist Western with great attention to tranquil and comradely moments.

    Directed byMatias Meyer
    Written byIsrael Cárdenas, Matias Meyer


    Alejandro Limón, Antonio García, Jesús Moisés Rodríguez, Salvador Ferreiro, Abel Lozano

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