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    Leonard Part 6

    Poster of the movie Leonard Part 6
    Run time1h25m
    GenreSci-fi comedy
    Directed byPaul Weiland
    Written byJonathan Reynolds
    CompanyColumbia PicturesColumbia PicturesColumbia Pictures


    In 1987, Cosby was at the peak of fame as TV dad and Jell-O pitchman. That wasn't enough, hence this lump of cinematic excrement, in which Leonard has to vanquish an evil force that brainwashes small animals into killing people. Where else can you see a rainbow trout eating a CIA agent alive? This inept, unfunny spy comedy was co-written by and stars Cosby; oddly on release, he urged a boycott to protect his reputation, and purchased the television rights so it would never appear. Where are Parts 1-5? Thankfully unfilmed. Then, as now, the big question is, "What was Bill Cosby thinking?"


    Bill Cosby
    Tom Courtenay
    Joe Don Baker
    Grace Zabriskie
    Jane Fonda
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