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    Le Ring intérieur

    Le Ring intérieur

    1h 25min
    2002     Documentary     Canada
    Original lang: French

    This is the story of a few angry men. One of them, Dan Bigras, is known as a singer. He decided to direct this film to tell the world about his buddies. Guys, like him, who are filled with an inner rage, which they have learned to control and express through martial arts and extreme fighting. These fights may have a bad name but, as the singer/filmmaker shows, all violence is born of pain. For his friends and himself, the ring is a metaphor for an ongoing inner battle. The film will change how we see the practitioners of this maligned sport who have transformed their anger into a rage for life. Viewers will be knocked out by their courage and honesty.

    Directed byDan Bigras


    Dan Bigras
    David Loiseau
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