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    Le Fils de l'épicier

    Poster of the movie Le Fils de l'épicier

    Le Fils de l'épicier

    1h 36min
    2007     Comedy     France
    Original lang: French

    When Antoine offers to lend money to Claire, his best and only friend, he is far from imagining where his promise will lead him. Because Antoine doesn't in fact have any money. At 30 years of age, he drifts from one dead-end job and disaster to the next. In order to keep his promise, he has no other choice than to agree to cover for his father, a travelling grocer, who is in a convalescent home recovering after a heart attack.

    Directed byEric Guirado
    Written byEric Guirado, Florence Vignon
    CompanyFilm MovementFilm MovementFilm Movement


    Nicolas Cazalé
    Clotilde Hesme
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    Photo from the movie Le Fils de l'épicier

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