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    La Petite vie

    Poster of the movie La Petite vie

    La Petite vie

    Comedy     Canada
    Original lang: French
    9.0 One review

    The stories of La Petite Vie, sketch and television show, revolve around the strange couple simply known as Pôpa and Môman (Quebec Joual for dad and mom). The sketch was memorable for the pillow talk scenes with the beds comically placed straight up so the actors, seemingly laid on the bed but still standing, would be clearly visible to the theater public. This would be kept in the sitcom, where the context made it even more surreal. While the sketch only featured the couple, the sitcom introduced a vast array of relatives, creating a caricature of the Québécois working class family, a very bizarre but endearing one.



    Claude Meunier
    Serge Thériault
    Marc Messier
    Diane Lavallée
    Marc Labrèche
    Josée Deschênes
    Guylaine Tremblay
    Rémy Girard
    Michel Côté
    Benoît Brière
    Véronique Le Flaguais
    Gilles Renaud
    Yves Jacques
    Patrice Coquereau
    Jean-Michel Anctil
    Dominique Michel
    Luc Senay
    Claude Legault
    Michel Barrette
    Sylvie Moreau
    Patrick Huard
    Pierrette Robitaille
    Sonia Vachon
    Luc Picard
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