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    La Mort d'un bureaucrate

    Original titleLa Muerte de un burócrata
    Original lang.Spanish
    Run time1h25m
    Directed byTomás Gutiérrez Alea
    Written byTomás Gutiérrez Alea, Alfredo L. Del Cueto
    CompanyTricontinental Film CenterTricontinental Film CenterTricontinental Film Center


    When a well-loved artist is accidentally killed by the machine he created to mass-produce busts of the nineteenth-century revolutionary hero José Marti, his family decides he should be buried gripping his union work permit in a symbol of his dedication to Castro's cause. Unfortunately, when his wife (Sylvia Planas) goes to receive her pension, the paperwork cannot be completed without her husband's work permit. Distraught, she enlists her nephew (Salvador Wood) to exhume the body. He follows a maddening paper trail that ends in a hilarious climax about the insanity of bureaucracy.


    Salvador Wood
    Silvia Planas
    Manuel Estanillo
    Omar Alfonso
    Tania Alvarado
    Pedro Pablo Astorga
    Alicia Bustamante
    Gaspar De Santelices
    Rafael Díaz
    Roberto Gacio
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