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    La Fille du cratère

    Poster of the movie La Fille du cratère

    La Fille du cratère

    1h 16min
    2018     Documentary     Canada
    Original lang: French

    A woman of the land, Yolande Simard-Perrault sees herself as a child of an earthshaking event in Charlevoix, Quebec, millions of years ago. Strong as the Canadian Shield, she is a daughter of the crater formed by that meteor impact, which explains her uncommon vitality. This documentary portrays a determined woman who is the reflection of a land that has always been bigger than life. She was the creative and life partner of filmmaker Pierre Perrault, who left everything behind to be by her side. The film charts the influence of this insatiable dreamer and her contributions to the building of a collective unconscious. In a stream of images and words, Simard-Perrault recounts the splendours of the landscape and the people who shaped it. Generous and boundless, her quest for identity nurtured and perpetuates the oeuvre of the man who breathed new life into Quebec cinema.

    Directed byNadine Beaudet, Danic Champoux

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