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    L'Heure zéro

    Poster of the movie L'Heure zéro

    L'Heure zéro

    1h 47min
    2007     Drama     France
    Original lang: French

    At Pointe aux Mouettes, his wealthy aunt Camilla Tressilian's house, Guillaume Neuville has the bizarre idea of bringing together for the summer holidays his ex-wife Aude and his present wife, the fiery Caroline, in the hope that they'll become friends. If these two women, who have every reason to despise one another, haven't torn each other apart yet, it's because they're restraining themselves. For the time being at least. Undoubtedly due to the calming effects of the sea air and the Breton coast....But that certainly isn't the end of it.

    Directed byHeure zéro
    Written byFrançois Caviglioli, Agatha Christie
    CompanyRoissy FilmsRoissy FilmsRoissy Films


    François Morel
    Danielle Darrieux
    Melvil Poupaud
    Chiara Mastroianni
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